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Ek Meethi

We promise you that our happy treats will melt in your mouth and leave you with a craving for more,

More nostalgia

More love

More celebration

More Meethi Elaichi

We’ve all grown up cherishing tales of simple lives and pure food from our grandparents, stories where the neighborhood halwai would hand out little pieces of sweet heaven to children with a gracious smile, not expecting a penny. That special Mithai was prepared with the purest ingredients and would simply melt in the mouth.

Meet the new touch of whimsy with the nostalgia of our blissful childhood: Meethi Elaichi– so divine, you almost want to keep it a secret! So delectable, you would want to gift it to all your beloveds.

Meethi Elaichi is an ode to our roots, an indulgent pledge to bring the good ‘ol Mithai back in the spotlight, celebrating all the little joys of life, seamlessly blending the old-world charm of traditional flavours with a sweet surprise of modernity. Prepared from the purest ingredients and generously adorned with handcrafted detailing, the exquisitely handmade mithais are every bit as modern as they are delicious.

An ode to the bygone era and a salute to the modern

Torn apart between celebrating tradition and embracing modernity on your special occasions? Congratulations, you have landed on the right page.

Happiness in a box

Because you deserve only the best, our range of Mithais is freshly made only using the purest ingredients with a team that pours their love in every piece crafted.

A box for everyone

Corporate Gifting, wedding favours, baby announcements or merely the occurrence of a mithai mood, We have a box for everyone, everywhere to enjoy some soul-nourishing mithai.