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Stuffed Assorted Dates & Figs

2,500.00 - Inc. GST

16 pieces of assorted Medjool dates and figs, stuffed with the goodness of:

  • Meethi Elaichi’s secret pistachio pann concoction, garnished with dried rose petals
  • Chocolate, hazelnut and French biscuit, garnished with a gold dust coated walnut
  • Blanched almonds, toasted in saffron syrup and garnished with handpicked saffron strands
  • Cashew mithai infused with gulkand, garnished with diced Pishori Pistachio
  • Dates nuts and poppy seeds, garnished with gold dust coated walnut
  • Cashew mithai, infused with zestful cranberry

Storage instructions: Store in a covered, cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. To enjoy the best texture, do not refrigerate.

Best before: 10 days from date of MFG. To enjoy the best texture, consume within 7 days of the MFG date.

Pre-order time: 3 days